Hi there! I'm Erin and I am a photographer and designer living and working in metro Richmond, Virginia. I've photographed everything from flowers and landscapes to sports to weddings to political figures and more.

The day that I truly learned the power of photography – and subsequently became forever hooked – was at my brother's high school graduation in May 2002. I had graduated from college the previous year and was about to attend photography school in just a few weeks, so I had used that intervening year to practice as much as possible. As a result, I photographed just about every one of my brother's football and baseball games from his senior year. These were film days, so after each game, I would show up with stack of prints to hand out to his teammates. Well, at graduation, a dad came up to me and expressed how much he appreciated the photos. He was active military and had been stationed in the Middle East that year. His wife came to the games and collected the pictures of her son that I handed out and then mailed them to him overseas. He told me he was able to flip through the pictures and it felt like he was watching the game, and that really helped him get through his tour of duty and separation from his family. I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I told him he was very welcome... that it had been my pleasure. I always knew my photos were appreciated by the other parents, but up to that point, photography had been mostly a personal pursuit and, you might even say, indulgence. But when I heard just exactly how much my photos could mean to another person, it completely changed my motivation. I was no longer just shooting for myself or my family – I was shooting for the friends and family of everyone I photographed. Photography wasn't just about creating art, but serving others.

Fun Facts

My family moved to the Richmond, Virginia-area from Nebraska when I was 7 years old and it is truly my home... I love it here!
Photography was actually not something I dreamed of doing as a kid. From the time I was eight, I wanted to be an architect and I even went to college with that as my ultimate career goal. But after a year in A-School at the University of Virginia, I switched to a major in Studio Art so I could become a graphic designer. It was then that I took my first photography classes and fell in love with the medium. After graduating from UVa, I decided to attend a photography career training program in Montana at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. (And hands down, that was the best summer of my life!)
imageI am "Mom" to a chocolate Labrador Retriever named Madison who loves to chase rabbits, ride in the car and hang out at the baseball field with "Grandpa".
My mom is my best friend! We work together and play together and spend countless hours on her home remodeling projects together.
I have an unhealthy addiction to Starbucks, but I never drink regular brewed coffee!
I'm a bit of a geek... I love the technical side of photography as much as the artistic side!
I love to travel. I've been to thirty-seven states and five countries – Canada, Mexico, England, France and Bermuda – and have a laundry list of other places I want to visit. Top of the list is Ireland, Italy, Greece and New Zealand.
I can watch HGTV for hours on end.
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